„Meeting with clients and winelovers, enjoying tastings and discussions with them, is one of the most adorable things of being a winemaker“, Andrea Hirtl.

Andrea Hirtl enjoys talking to her clients and winelovers. Good thing, because with the many tasting and presentation appointments she gets around quite a bit. Her creativity and inexhaustible ideas have contributed to the fact that the Weingut Hirtl has been certified as a „leading estate in the Weinviertel region“ for many years. As a graduate of the commercial and wine school, Andrea is responsible for the sale and marketing of Hirtl products.
But just as it is in a well-established family business, everything is decided together. Martin has a say in marketing and sales, as does Andrea in wine. Regular tastings for quality control of their own wines are always teamwork for the two.

Tip: NEVER get the idea to slow this woman down in her vigor. In any case, you pull the shorter one!