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“Only physiologically ripe grapes make long-living, stylish wines”, Martin Hirtl.

Progress, further training, readiness for new things, coupled with the experience of his ancestors, that is what describes the work of winegrower Martin Hirtl. Dynamic times call for openness and foresight. Climate change asks for open minded viticulture. Martin Hirtl counteracts this with the analysis of the leaf water content of the vines as well as the observation of the soil moisture and greening. He relies on pheromone confusion against the vine moth to avoid using insecticides. Instead of a green harvest, in which whole grapes are cut away in August, each grape on the vine is cut in half. This results in an even distribution of nutrients in the vine, making it more robust.

Only grapes that are absolutely physiologically ripe are harvested. This makes the wines long-living and balanced.

Martin Hirtl is a graduate of the wine school in Mistelbach and passed his master’s examination in Krems. Since the takeover in 2001, the winery has experienced an enormous surge in quality, which is primarily due to numerous innovations in cellar technology.

Tip: During the harvest it is not advisable to address this otherwise patient and communicative person!

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